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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questionss Frequently Asked Questionss Frequently Asked Questionss

Common Questions:

You should be prepared for additional expenses if you buy a house on the secondary market. In this type of transaction, the amount of fees charged by the Land Department of Thailand depends on the period of ownership of the object by its current seller, as well as the estimated cost of housing. Basically, the costs associated with the purchase and sale transaction are paid in equal shares by the seller and the buyer. As a rule, the share of the buyer of housing remains the payment of the amount of approximately 2-4% of the value of the object. When choosing an apartment in Thailand through our website, you can get an accurate calculation of related costs from our managers.
Citizens of other countries can purchase personal property in Thailand only an apartment or studio in a condominium. At the same time, according to the current law, foreign citizens can own only 49% of apartments in a particular high-rise building, the rest of the property can be purchased only by Thai citizens or companies registered in Thailand. An official document (chanot) obtained by foreigners when buying a home in Thailand in their own name guarantees the right to own, inherit and sell property. it is possible to buy a house in thailand by foreigners under a land purchase agreement to create a thai company, in which a citizen of another country can own only 49% of the shares. The safety of its investments is also guaranteed
Condominium - a tenement house or several houses. In Thailand, condominiums tend to have a communal swimming pool, round the clock protection and its parking lot. Depending on the class condominium, the services of the tenants may also be shops, laundry, restaurants, gym, tennis courts, etc.
The transaction of sale is made at the Land Department of Thailand. When you register you get a paper transaction - Chanot, which guarantees your right to ownership of you bought an apartment. Chanot issued to foreigners does not differ from Chanota for local residents and has an equal with him guaranteeing property rights. Chanot represents a document which on the face of the emblem of Thailand, described layout and details of the purchased property, but on the other side - the history of all sales of this property. The document is filled in the Thai language, and the owner's name fits well with Thai letters.
Buying an apartment from the developer is as follows: Once you've chosen an apartment, you make a deposit - usually it is 50.000 or 100.000 baht, depending on the cost of housing. Payment is by cash or credit card developer. After paying a deposit, your selected apartment is booked in your name. A few days after booking you will receive a contract from the builder, which indicated the number of your apartment, the agreed payment schedule, completion date, etc. Contract is between you and the builder directly, without the participation of the agency. Contract written in English. Most developers have made the translation of the treaty on the Russian language for your convenience. However, you will sign a contract in English and that it is a legal document defining the rights and obligations of the parties. If you do not sign the contract previously made a deposit you will not be refunded.
The contract between the seller and the buyer shall be in English and Russian languages, the legal effect is the English version of the treaty. The contract must specify the data seller, the buyer, the object of the transaction, its cost, payment terms and webcasts of property rights, as well as the duration of the contract. Also, the contract specify who bears the cost of transferring the ownership.
Agency services are paid by the seller, not buyer. Prices do not vary from the developer on whether you buy an apartment by the agency or directly from the developer.
For a transaction account is not required. When buying a home in the secondary market, the money can be transferred to the seller or the agency from abroad or transferred in cash. Nevertheless, we do not recommend transfer funds in advance on account of the seller or the agency. Correct to open your bank account and on this account to transfer money from abroad or putting brought with cash. It is important to indicate the transfer of funds from abroad to the account in Thailand, that the money is transferred to buy real estate, in English to buy property or investment. Opening a bank account to make free, but the account owner should put into your account 500 baht as minimum deposit. When buying a home is the primary market to open his account and did not need, since all payments are credited to the account of the builder.
TT3 - it is a necessary document for the commission of a foreign deal to buy property in Thailand. This document is provided by the bank. TT3 is a confirmation of the foreign investment. By law, an alien is entitled to buy property in Thailand only if he is an investor, ie, can prove that the money for the purchase of real estate came from another country, not in Thai Baht. A buyer who brought with him cash (no restrictions on the import of cash in Thailand do not have), changes in the bank money to Baht and get the necessary for the transaction TT3. Also, the bank issues a TT3 and you transfer money directly to the developer from abroad or cashing traveler's checks at the bank of Thailand.
If you already have a bank account in Thailand and to send money from your country is not for you difficulty, then, in our view, it is easier to transfer money or to bring a traveler's checks. Carry with them the same cash - always a risk. When forwarding a non-cash sure to specify in the purpose of payment - to buy property or investment.
The owner of an apartment in a condominium apartment has the right to transfer by inheritance. The name of the heir may be entered in the Chanot - a document of title to the apartment. By default, the first heirs are his parents, then children, wife, husband, and the next closest male relative who has attained the age and older.
Bank loan - is complicated. Requires banking history and a work permit. In this case, there is a chance to get a loan against the property. The average annual rate - about 8%. With a tourist visa does not get credit. With the installment of the seller's situation is simpler. In the case of home buying in the primary market (ie, more housing under construction, sales from the builder) - as a rule, yes. Installments can be given for a period of 1, 2 or even 5 years. It depends on the project and the developer. As for second homes - usually not, but there are exceptions, depending on the seller.
Watching the purpose of getting housing. If the purpose of investment - it is better from the builder, and than at an earlier stage of development - the better. Developer is interested to sell as many apartments in the initial phase of construction, since the money received from the buyer will allow the developer to a lesser degree to borrow money from a bank at interest. As the construction of the house, the price has been steadily increasing, and often the person who has bought an apartment at the stage of development, can be advantageous to resell my apartment before the end of its construction. If comparing prices per square meter of the primary and secondary housing - then the secondary market m2 significantly cheaper.
No, it does not. It should be noted that obtaining long-term visa in Thailand is much easier than in European countries, particularly for people over 50 years. Visa easily be extended from year to year. More information can be found on our website under Visas in Thailand.
You enter into an agreement with our company and we are looking for a tenant for your apartment. We will not guarantee the lease, but we can say that most of the apartments that we offer for rental, we are renting. Now, about the cost: 30-40 m2 studio can be rented at prices ranging from 7000 to 15,000 baht per month, depending on the square footage of housing, location relative to the sea or the center, the state apartments and houses in general, the availability of infrastructure in and around the house, etc. . The Commission, which takes our agency, depends on the duration of the lease, but also on whether the apartment is given only under our control or give up a few agencies. On average, our commission sostavlet 10-15%. For further information, please contact our managers at rent@mythai-home.ru
The most famous of the schools is Satit Academy, St. Andrew's and Regent's. Satit Academy - Schools with both Thai and international for the program. There is a group of English language learning. Tuition fees - about $ 4000 a year. St. Andrew's: a well-known school with an English curriculum and good reputation, the cost of studies - about 10.000 dollars a year. Regent's: the most expensive and the very famous school in Pattaya, with offices in Bangkok and London. The program of instruction: English, all teachers - English, tuition fees - about 15.000 dollars a year.
The most commonly used types of visas - a tourist, student, pension or business visa. If you are over 50 years - you can get a one-year retirement visa. If you're willing to learn, for example, language courses in Thailand - you will receive a one-year student visa. The general rule for foreigners living in Thailand - you have every 3 months to visit the immigration office to receive a mark for registration. Either leave the country, for example, in neighboring Cambodia and come back.
Pattaya is not visible severe climatic fluctuations. During the year the temperature ranges from 27 to +34 degrees. Ie this summer - all year round. The rainy season in Pattaya - it is 1.2 rain for 30-50 minutes each day, from late September to early December. After a downpour nature begins to breathe again and the sun shines.
Utilities depend on several factors, in particular from the services provided to tenants, such as condominiums and others. With a certain conventionality can be compared to condominiums and hotels. There are at least «5 Star» condominium is the «2 Star». The average cost of utilities is in the range of 15 to 40 baht per square meter per month. That is, for example, the average two-bedroom apartment of 50 m2 cost about 1200-1400 baht per month (35-45 dollars). These utilities do not include the cost of electricity and water. Electricity and water are paid by the meter. Costs depend on the use of electrical appliances in the first place - air-conditioners. On average, we can say that the cost of electricity and water in the apartment of 30-40 meters with a conditioning will be around 1000-1500 baht a month.
Pattaya is known for its international hospitals. <b>Bangkok Pattaya Hospital</b>, for example - it mnogetazhny Medical Center, the highest level, with Russian-speaking staff. Right in the heart of Pattaya, on Second Street, is more modest but no less quality <b>Pattaya Memorial Hospital</b>. Based on personal experience, we can safely recommend these two clinics to our guests and customers.
The city now has 3 local Russian-language channel. The standard cable television package also includes a Russian channel RTR. If you prefer, you can install the package for satellite TV and watch dozens of Russian-language channels around the clock. The city is also published several newspapers in Russian, as a rule - this edition of the local companies working in the service of Russian-speaking tourists.
Yes, prices in Pattaya, about 30% lower. This is because the land on the mainland are always cheaper than on the island, as well as the fact that the delivery of construction materials and equipment in Pattaya is significantly cheaper. Pattaya is 150 kilometers from the capital and that too has a "chilling" effect on prices.
Yes, buy a home in Thailand or buy an apartment in Pattaya can be anyone.
Sell ​​and buy property in Pattaya can be in accordance with a contract drawn up and checked with a lawyer.