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Buying property in Thailand


  Each business has its own secrets. And if in some important areas of talent, the real estate in the first place there is the experience and knowledge of legal technicalities.How to avoid the "pitfalls" of buying property in Thailand, says the director of "My House in Thailand," Boris Fleydervish.

From an economic point of view, why among all the countries of Southeast Asia, Thailand is the most attractive for investment in real estate?

Geographically, Thailand is strategically located center of Southeast Asia, the region's most rapidly growing economies. Thailand is a member of ASEAN and the center of economic cooperation between the countries of this organization with a total population of the region in more than 500 million people.

Thailand's economy is growing rapidly, as evidenced by the fact that GDP growth in 2010 was 5.52% while inflation 3.25%. And this year, when the U.S. and EU countries have experienced economic crisis, the effects of the global economy which is suffering so far! In terms of GDP (gross domestic product) per capita in Thailand, with its 206 billion U.S. dollars is on 35th place in the world. This figure is almost twice higher than in Ukraine, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan is 4 times higher than that of Burma and China, and 8 times - than in India!

Boris, the main thing to remember people who decided to buy property in Thailand?

For many of our compatriots overseas property - a major source of income. In this case the sale of land in Thailand is not allowed for foreign businesses and individuals, but the opportunity is opened by a Thai resident companies fully controlled by a foreign shareholder.

Keeping company with the cost of preparing financial statements, statutory audit and payment of the minimum tax cost of 600-800 U.S. dollars per year. It was with this company you will be able to buy land and houses in Thailand, enjoy them, resell, share, build on them to carry out the operation of gift, bequeath.

What are the features of construction laws in Thailand?

Each project must have a building permit is issued by a special committee of the local government. Typically, a construction permit or a contractor receives a project architect, who coordinates the design documentation to the authorities.

Building permit - a very important document, receipt of which is before the start of the construction process will allow you to avoid weight problems. Make sure the project architect ordered topographical study of the site prior to boarding houses in the locality.In this case, we must remember that in some provinces of Thailand, for example, in Phuket, there is a restriction on construction of buildings located 120 meters above sea level.

And that with regards ready to move in the projects?

Foreigner to buy a finished property in Thailand is quite simple, because it does not require obtaining any additional permits, as in many EU countries. Apartments and flats in kondominumah you can buy in their own name, without resorting to the creation of a resident company if the building is the free quota. According to local legislation, 49% of the total area of ​​a condominium can be sold directly to foreigners, and the remaining 51% - with registration at the Thai-resident company or directly to the citizens of Thailand.

Apartments in protected, obsuzhivaemyh residences in Thailand have a high demand among the citizens of the CIS: buying house in his name, you can then easily take it out, and, if necessary, lay in the bank or to sell quickly.

What are the features of taxation in Thailand?

In Thailand, there are many different taxes, including those related to buying and selling real estate. If you intend to invest in Thailand, plan to acquire real estate and may derive from their property income by renting it out, then such activities must fall under taxation.For example, the fee for registration of the lease is 1% of the contract.

The tax base is calculated from the prices fixed by the Land Department to date. Fees and taxes of the Land Department normally paid equally by the buyer and seller.

Can I buy property directly from the Thais?

Agree, buying real estate - a very serious issue, especially when property is purchased abroad. If you have a toothache, you should contact a doctor or can confine ourselves to give the Board a neighbor, or, for example, a second cousin of your mother in law?

So why do doubts arise in the case of the health of your finances? Of course, you can buy property on their own with the Thais, but then who would be responsible for any problems?

Our company is not the first year of working in the Thai market and is ready to assist you with any advice, 7 days a week. We are working to Thailand was a comfortable home for you for many years.