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Loi Kratong in Thailand.


Very nice holiday Loi Kratong (Loy Kratong) is held every year in Thailand, the twelfth night of the full moon. «Loi» translated as "floating», «Kratong» - «boat (design) from the leaves».

Traditionally, to make a boat using banana tree leaves. Of them are made Kratong completely different sizes and styles, sometimes more reminiscent of its kind miniature palaces, real masterpieces of Thai handicrafts.

evening when the night mist envelops the town, people take their Kratong, go to the river or the sea, go shallow in the water and release them to the will of the wind and currents. The gesture symbolizes, above all, respect and worship of the Mother of Water, nurse and Protecting people living on Earth. Water gives food - fish and animals living in it, fertilizes a field, allowing farmers to harvest rice and fruit, kindly brings to his people and goods, helping the trade. Grateful people give their water Kratong, thanking her for all the gifts they received.

And yet, from the ground bursting bright stars joining in the pack and drifting to the horizontal. This large balloons, made from the thinnest tissue paper or cellophane filled with hot air and aspiration. this night in the sky soar hundreds of thousands of these balls.

Loy Kratong Festival - a full moon day in November - the holiday spirit of water and light. And, really, a lot of light in the night. The entire Gulf of Thailand off the flame flickering candles, symbolizing the souls of the ancestors, they coalesce into one bright, exciting sea - the sea thanks to water and light, for what they are granted to people zhizn.V the same time, the sky glowing a myriad of flying beyond the horizon of the balls. This scene unforgettably!