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To live not to grieve: shoot a cheap apartment in Pattaya


 Condominium on Teprazite

We started with the condominium, located on the opposite Teprazite Night Market.


the price - 4500 baht per month, deposit - 4000 baht

convenient location - within walking distance of banks offices, market, Outlet Mall, Tesco Lotus

next stop songteo

a spacious covered parking

free Wi-Fi in the lobby

Minimum rental period - 1 month

line to connect ADSL-modem


of the apartments is located on the sunny side of the balcony, or out on the roadway

expensive electricity (8 baht) and water (32 baht)

the room has no windows

a summer kitchen with a sink on the balcony, but without equipment

Guesthouse Crocodile

Guesthouse Crocodile. This is a typical option: close (for example here),

there are several guesthouses in the same price category.


the price - 4500 baht per month, deposit - 4000 baht

excellent location on one of the central streets

within walking distance - stopping songteo several routes

Free Wi-Fi

water included in the rental price


the noise from traffic and bars at the bottom

small area

expensive electricity (8 baht)

"Niran" Kondo

This condo-specific reputation: cheap rooms in the audience spends time "with temporary

financial difficulties" and attain the age tattooed evrofarangi.

Below are many shops, restaurants and laundries, which are parallel to the "agent." Given

Thais love to "rollback", keep between yourself and rental

housing as small as possible mediators. We managed to find a condo for its real price.


monthly rent - 3500 baht when the contract by six months, the deposit - 3000 baht

when you pay a year in advance, you can make repairs to your taste

downtown location

line to connect ADSL-modem


far from songteo routes

specific atmosphere

small room

old air conditioner

old plumbing

additional fee for cable TV - 300 baht