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Real Estate in Pattaya: everything you need to know the buyers from the CIS countries


 Buying a home abroad - is not only an excellent investment opportunity and to keep their savings. Purchased wisely apartment owner is able to bring a stable income. Property in Thailand, ideal for investors from the CIS: the country offers a range of quality facilities, affordable prices and easy shopping procedure.


Why Thailand?

Real Estate in Thailand are highly demanded both Russians and citizens of other CIS countries, as well as the Europeans and Americans. Excellent climate and year-round flow of tourists, no tax on home ownership, ease of processing transactions, and freedom from bureaucratic delays - all this makes Thailand one of the most promising locations in the eyes of potential investors.


Why Pattaya?

Do not be mislead the tourist success of Bangkok - the majority of travelers use the capital as a staging post, going to the resort regions of the country. Pattaya in this regard, without exaggeration, one of the key tourist destinations in Thailand: here and excellent infrastructure, and summer all year round without the rainy season.

Today Pattaya is experiencing a building boom: in the town erected a modern and high-quality housing, and real estate developers do not stint on the award-winning architects and high-quality workers.


As a foreigner to choose a property in Thailand?

Let's start with the most important - an apartment in Thailand is free to any adult to buy a foreigner without any restrictions. It is important to note that the non-resident receives 100% of the property rights and may dispose of the apartment, at its discretion: to lease it, sell, bequeath to heirs, etc. The right of an alien property confirms a special document - Chanot - which is issued by the Land Department of Thailand after the registration of the transaction.


Buy a house in Thailand a foreigner a little more complicated: the law such a transaction is registered as land acquisition, and accordingly, as the buyer should serve Thai company.

Let's take a closer look at an easier option - buy an apartment in Thailand.

Apartments for sale in Pattaya: the main advantages for the investor

The main advantage of buying property in the primary market - the possibility of part of the payment. As a general rule, a customer who buys an apartment in Thailand, receives interest-free installments until the end of construction of the house.


The process of buying an apartment in Pattaya

The process of buying an apartment from the developer is very simple: just select the desired option to make a deposit for an apartment and book it for themselves. A deposit is usually from 20 000 to 50 000 baht, depending on the price zhilya.Posle deposit between the buyer and the developer is a contract with a detailed schedule of payments for the apartment. After signing the contract, the buyer makes a part of the cost of the apartment (usually 20-25%) and waiting for commissioning.


How to buy in Pattaya over the internet an apartment?

Today, the World Wide Web, you can buy anything from chewing gum to the apartment to another strane.Kazhdy site visitor can choose and book favorite option without leaving your home.

To book an apartment you need to provide:

1. A copy of the passport.

2. Address of residence.

3. Residence address (if different from residence address).

4. E-mail address.

5. 2 contact phone.