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Passive income in Thailand - a solution for the financial crisis


 Investment kitchen

Let's start with the fact that invest - not a problem. Construction of new homes in Pattaya is in full swing, and the streets are covered with advertising for "safe investments in real estate." But buying an apartment or villa in itself is not an investment, and waste. Investment and sources of income such a purchase would be the case if the real estate has prospects.

Perspectives, in fact, two - resale after the increase in the cost of renting or square meters for rent. The first option provides for income in the long term, since the dynamics of growth of prices in Pattaya is very, very quiet. The second option promises constant profit. But only on condition that the place of the apartment will be correct, the agent will be experienced, tenants - solvent, etc. However, first things first.

Buy and resell

Search and purchase of apartments, which is more expensive is akin to playing roulette - it would seem, everything is simple and clear, but the stakes are high and the risk of losing is very large. In this case unlikely to help consult with an agent (he has his own interests) or monitoring of specialized publications or forums.

The secret of success - in practice: you need to see and understand the whole picture of the real estate market. For example, the average person knows very well, in what area of ​​the city it is a good transport interchange, and where the new metro line is planned. Where new homes are being built, but used an old and worn-out water supply system. What is the area safe and well-maintained, and have a bad reputation. Property market picture is made up of hundreds of pieces, and each city she svoya.K Besides, the difference between the requirements for real estate in the city and the resort town of tremendous - here entirely different criteria. alien knowledge of the Pattaya property market is unlikely to be sufficient to yourself, without the help of professionals who decide on such an expensive purchase, as the apartment.

The majority of our countrymen are turning to real estate agents for advice. If you are lucky, the purchase will be successful and the investment return with a vengeance. But do not expect quick and big money! Pattaya real estate market - is a haven compared to a big city or a European capital, where the purchase of apartments for resale is the lion's share of transactions.

Buy and rent

Another way of earning per square meter - is to buy an apartment for subsequent lease. Until recently, this method of helping our fellow citizens to lead a carefree life of the rentier by putting Moscow Khrushchev.

In Pattaya, the requirements for housing other than in Moscow or Minsk. The most in demand today are studio and one-bedroom apartments. Usually, their area is 32-37 m² and the layout depends on the developer. Price of apartments range from 2 to 2.5 million baht (about $ 60-75 thousand.). If you buy such an apartment, then in the presence of an intelligent agent, it can take approximately 15-16 thousand. Baht per month. But it is necessary to take into account that the living space is loaded eight months, in the high season. Such is the specificity of the spa town.

Thus, your annual income will be about 130 thousand. Baht. Of this amount must be deducted realtor commission of 10% (up to 13 thousand. Baht) and utility bills (about 12 thousand. Baht). In the hands you will have about 100 thousand. Baht. This is 4% per annum with a maximum value of 2.5 million baht apartments.

Not the worst, but not the best option of investment.

Buy from an agent

There is also the option of buying property at an agent who will take on all the burdens of putting in real estate rent and exploitation. These services can provide a developer or real estate agency.

As an example, take the company New Nordic, which operates in Thailand under the scheme for more than 14 years. During this time, the developer has handed over 36 of the object and is building another 14 houses.

What is the essence of this investment? The developer offers to buy him any, under construction or just an apartment for subsequent lease. Between the parties is a contract, for example, for 10 years (as is the case with the New Nordic), under which the company guarantees the customer an annual income of at least 10% of the purchase price. Finding tenants, collecting rent and utility payments engaged zastroyschik.Poprobuem count. Consider the example of an apartment worth 3 million baht. According to the agreement, the buyer will receive a 10% per year, ie, 300 thousand. Baht for 10 years. Payments are made on a monthly basis at a rate of 1/12 of the total amount, and therefore, will be about 25 thousand. Baht.

In the case of the New Nordic developer promises to cover all associated costs for rental: repairs, purchase of furniture and household appliances, and prochee.Soglasno the contract, the developer is not entitled to withdraw from its obligations for 10 years. But the buyer may at any time terminate the agreement, if he suddenly needed urgently to sell the apartment, or he wants to live in it himself.

The yield on these investments is more efficient, because all the worries and amortization assumes the developer. And the percentage promised by the buyer, looks very good.

Now it is small - to collect the necessary amount to buy a home, to give yourself a comfortable and peaceful future for a guaranteed return on investment in real estate in Pattaya.