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6 Ways advantageous to transfer money to Thailand


 Nominal bank card

The most usual method. It is believed that profitable VISA MasterCard, because the conversion inside the payment system - in dollars and the internal exchange rate is better. But the second important condition when "plastic" - tariffs and promotions of the issuing bank, and is ahead of MasterCard. "Tinkoff", "Roketbank" and a few banks offer a certain number of withdrawals from ATMs without his commission (collection Thai Bank is!), But with the card "Corn" - CB conversion at the rate of 1%.

Withdraw money from the "plastic" in three ways:

1. Through the ATM. Fee for withdrawal of one - 200 baht, limit the issuance - 20,000 baht.

2. The bank cashier. Then be able to avoid the commission, as well as to the amount of the issuance limit. To remove the need to show the cashier the card and passport, and your name must match 100%.

3. Paying in shops, as well as attracting friends who had gathered for shopping in a large supermarket. This method allows you to save on commissions from both sides.

This is an internal system MasterCard course and figures VISA.



If you know how to use internet banking and send money from your account, there's a great opportunity to convert rubles into baht lossless. Will help you see money-changers.

The scheme is simple. You are currently converting rubles to the account of one of the Russian banks, and on the same day or get a baht in cash to your account Thai. The course is thus more favorable than in exchange, in addition, you will pass all the commissions. The current exchange rate on pages changed: there are no hidden fees here.


The option for the tech savvy readers. In order to transfer rubles, first you will need to buy Bitcoins in a Russian online exchangers, paying card or bank transfer. Then you sign up at one of the Thai exchangers (coins.co.th or bx.in.th) and transfer the Bitcoins to your account. Options like Bitcoin cash on coins.co.th lot: transfer to your account in the Thai bank, cash payment without opening an account in the department store or even in "7/11" (here need help Thai).

On the way you will have to pay a lot of fees: exchanger in the Russian Federation (the tangible), Bitcoin system and Thai bank. But the rate difference will a little: if I ratio of the ruble / Baht 0.5, through Bitcoin - 0.48.


Here you will need an account in the Thai bank. Now loyal to the tourists and Kasikorn Krungthai: they ask for a passport and Residence Certificate from the Office of the Immigration Service.

Next, open a WebMoney account and obtain a certificate. The higher the level of the latter, the more your limit.

Now, choose a convenient way to deposit in the Russian Federation. In the WebMoney website you can find the nearest physical location or use online banking. So, in the "Vanguard" WebMoney-related expense can be replenished without the commission, "Alfa-Bank" is taking over the operation of 1% of the amount.

So your money on WebMoney account. Then we go to the site and exchange rubles for Two, which will be translated into Thai Bank. Carefully drive in the account number! The surname and first name must be written such as in the "WebMoney" profile.

WebMoney Transfer fee will be 0.8%, the exchanger - 0.5% in the WMZ (US dollars), or 2%, if the amount in rubles.

When you change money for the first time, it takes a little more time: apparently, employees inspect exchanger bank data manually. On receipt of the money to the account you will be notified by SMS.

If you do not take into account the cost of opening an account in a Thai bank, this method - one of the most economical.


More recently, in Russia it was possible to fill up a PayPal account without the commission in the salons of "Euroset". It is a pity that the limit of a small 15 000 per day and 40 000 per month. So start preparing for the trip in advance.

You will need to open an account Thai PayPal, by Thailand during registration. To withdraw money from the PayPal account is needed again in the Thai bank and the connected Internet banking. To transfer funds, go to the PayPal menu and click "add a bank account" ( «add a bank account"). For verification you will be sent two sums in a few satang. Their exact size is necessary to drive to the site PayPal. Now you can use the service!

The money will go to the account within five to seven days. In the derivation of more than 5,000 baht fee will be charged.

That calculator currency conversion (only available PayPal account holders).

A SWIFT-transfer

If you are a resident of Russia, just to transfer money from your bank account in Russia at the expense of Thailand will not work. It must be within a month to notify the tax office that you have opened an account abroad, and then all the time to report to it on the balance in your account Thai.

Variant №2 - translation into Russian resident's account abroad. It operates limit of 10 000 dollars per day while translating to close relatives and $ 5,000 in all other cases. Old-timers are advised to write in the "Payment" - "Gift of a non-resident." Then operates only one restriction: for sums of more than 300 000 bank requires documents justifying payment.

Now for the commissions. Russian banks charge 0.2-1% of the amount: minimum 15, maximum 250 euros. Collection will be lower if you do a SWIFT-transfer through online banking. On the other hand, the Thai bank also charges a small percentage (0.25%, minimum 200 baht) so that you can compare the conditions and choose the most profitable institution.

If you need to sum was fixed, some banks provide a service "all payments for the account of the sender." It costs about 20 euros, the money will be in about a week.