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Pattaya for the little ones: 6 activities in the city for your little ones


Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum

Ripley's Believe It or Not is a worldwide network of museums that attract thousands of enthusiastic visitors in every city. There is such a museum in Thailand — in Pattaya. Here are collected strange and unusual things: from horses with two heads to ancient masks. In the Pattaya branch, there are as many as 7 rooms, where you can both be afraid and have fun.

You are waiting for the museum "I believe — I do not believe", an endless mirror maze, large and small rooms of fear, a spy quest "Safe", a 4D cinema and a wax museum!


Ramayana Water Park»

just 15 km from pattaya is a real mecca of water entertainment: the new ramayana park. 14 recreation areas are designed for 10 thousand people: you can have fun with the whole family without standing in lines.

different leisure options, modern technology, design ideas, a stage, world-class restaurants and a bar will provide everyone with a pleasant experience. At your service: wave pool, "Lazy River", "Vortex", "Dueling Master blaster", "Aqualup", "Boomerang", "Family raft ride", "Inner Tube slide", "Wizard Racer", "Kamikaze", "Rain Forest", children's pool, pool with bar and "Euro bungee".of course, not every attraction is suitable for young children, but parents also need something to do. And for kids there are separate zones and pools.


Harbor Pattaya

Huge new shopping mall Harbor Pattaya with a total area of 2500 m2: offers a lot of entertainment for children from an early age, and of course, their parents.It features a Harbor Land area, Japanese rides, a climbing wall, a children's pool, Mario Land slot machines, and a public library with internet access — Harbor Learn & Play. Also preparing for the opening of Snow Land — the largest "winter city" in Thailand with real snow, the ability to make snowmen, play snowballs — and an ice rink, where a special atmosphere of the Alps with typical European resorts architecture and vegetation will be created around this ice cover.


Tiger zoo " siracha»

In a private tiger reserve, children can study the life of cats in the wild on the example of more than 400 members of the family. There are also camels, donkeys, cows, pigs, domestic goats, rabbits, capybaras, scorpions and the Amazon fish arapaima.Tigers are not just lying in the sun: children will be interested in watching circus performances with exotic animals.


Art in Paradise

the first and only museum of illusions in thailand-3d gallery on 5800 m2! Children will be delighted with three-dimensional images of waterfalls, Egyptian pyramids, dinosaurs and attractions from around the world. The effect of presence among huge graphic illusions will also appeal to adults.


Temple Of Truth

The only non-entertainment place on the list. But informative and recommended for visiting with children. This is the largest temple in the world, built of wood without a single nail. Inside, you can get acquainted with the mystical ideas about the earth's structure, characteristic of the cultures of Cambodia, India, China, and of course, Thailand. Wooden carving inside the temple with its finest execution will form a correct idea of the beautiful from early childhood.