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Investing in real estate Asia - the best way to increase your capital with long-term guarantee


 Contributions to the Asian real estate is becoming more popular among those who want to quickly and easily increase their capital. We turned to the experts and find out where and how to spend the money to get the maximum and guaranteed profit. After the 2008 crisis, European and American investors as one moved on to a more stable Asia market: here the share of deposits increased by 77%. According to Jones Lang LaSalle American company, investment in real estate Asia is steadily growing each year, and by 2030 will amount to 1 trillion dollarov.Bolshoe importance is the builder's reputation in the market.

Due to the tourist attractiveness of many countries in Asia subordinate source of income was the lease. This seems a daunting task at the ignorance of the law, but the developer usually helps the landlord at all stages of the preparation of papers to find and diligence, monitoring their integrity.


China - one of the most economically important states. Many businesses have factories here, so in China is developing rapidly and the demand housing business and premium class in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. In the coming years it is expected to rise in price, and on the tourist market towns, but in the economic centers of growth will be faster.


For real estate in Vietnam is characterized by demand for tourist facilities: villas by the sea, compact apartments, hotels, resorts and spas. Now local facilities are among the cheapest in Asia, but interest in them is growing rapidly.


Malaysia is among the ten most visited by tourists Islamic countries. It is advantageous to invest in a house of luxury: it is still relatively expensive, but prices are rising every year, so the rent to tourists from Arab countries will be profitable. By the way, Malaysia is in the top 5 Asian countries attractive for foreign direct investments.


Due to the high investment attractiveness of Thailand, continuous and stable growth in property prices in the tourism industry and local developers is a huge competition. In the market there are only reliable businesses that offer customers a wide range of services: the formulation of documents and residence permits, renting. Real Estate in Thailand (which, despite the rapid rise in prices, is still affordable in comparison with Russia), each will increase the cost of capital by 12%. Moreover, bringing additional revenue from the lease. In this part of the investor a minimum: a good builder will supervise everything himself.

In Thailand, a foreigner can not own land only: the ownership of houses and apartments is issued without any problems.

A good developer offers not just apartments, and the finished design, built-in furniture, swimming pool, parking, sauna.

Condominiums that firms offer to foreigners, usually built in areas with developed infrastructure, near the sea and most popular tourist attractions.

Despite the distance from the coast, one of the most attractive cities for investment - Bangkok, not only administrative but also tourist and business capital of Asia.


The growing interest of tourists has made Indonesia one of the leaders in the investment attractiveness of real estate. Here we must distinguish two areas: cheap apartments for young people, which is engaged in water sports, and luxury housing for visitors from Russia and the Arab countries (mainly luxury villas with swimming pools). The fastest way prices are rising in the country's tourist pearl - the island Bali.Po to experts, investing in real estate Asia will be beneficial even for decades. Get income can not only due to higher prices, but also from rental housing, and care about it often assumes the developer. To find a good company, it is necessary to carefully examine the proposals available to buyers and the duration of the review of the firm in the market.