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Construction market in Thailand is on the rise.


  Index developer confidence in Thailand rose to a record value of 57.8 points.

  This is indicated by results of the fourth quarter of 2009. In the last quarter of 2008 this index had a value of 36.3 points, and in the third quarter of last year - 55.8 points. This information has provided the chairman of the Information Center for Real Estate in Thailand (Real Estate Information Center), Mr. Kahn Prachuapmo, who is also president of the State Mortgage Bank of Thailand.

  The record growth in the index developer confidence, Mr. Kahn explains that the end of last year, especially in December, sales grew strongly in real estate, and began construction of many new projects. In other words, the Thai real estate market is "alive" after a hard year of crisis. According to Mr. Kahn, in the next six months, the index developer confidence will continue to grow slightly. Chairman of the Information Center for Real Estate believes that the construction market in Thailand is on the rise.

However, Mr. Kahn warned of potential risks that may have a negative impact on the market. First and foremost among them, he calls the threat of recurrence of political turmoil, rising fuel prices and high steel prices.