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The best places to live.


  American magazine Forbes has identified a "Top Ten" states, where live comfortably and relax even retirees.

  In compiling the list of experts were guided by several criteria, among them security, especially the tourist visa and health conditions. In the end, the best country to live and holiday recognized in Thailand, Panama, Malaysia and several European countries. Some countries have appreciated in some areas and disadvantages in others. For example, in Canada, severe weather conditions. In Italy, where the warm climate and high quality of life, happen to face high taxes and all-powerful bureaucracy.

  Therefore, sun lovers wishing to the same to protect their honestly earned assets from the "excessive" guardianship of western governments, it is better to go to Thailand. If at the time of old age comes from the middle class gravitates to the high culture, the more ancient "old Europe" will open to him a lot of surprises. Thailand - here can love and enjoy life! In Thailand great klematicheskie conditions and living conditions even if you have a modest budget, it will allow you to maintain the excellent quality of life. Exotic mix of cultures in the resort town of Pattaya, low prices, a large number of beaches that have to imagine almost any tourist. Therefore flock here not only pensioners with a modest budget, but even the wealthy and young. In Thailand, there is everything from the bungalow on the beach and ending with the bustle of Bangkok. Of course, Thailand is not an exemplary place to live, but to climb too far in search of "paradise" Experts also advise against because it would be difficult to get quick medical pomosch.Sredi Asian countries then the best ratio of quality of care and prices, many private hospitals which located in all regions of Thailand: Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Changray, Chiang Mai as well as on the islands.