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The Day of Victory


9 May Victory Day - The most tragic and moving date!

Victory in Great Patriotic War - a feat, and the glory of our people. Whatever changed in recent years, the facts of our history, May 9 - Victory Day - remains unchanged, all dear, tragic and sad, but at the same time and bright holiday.

May 9, 1945 ... further and further from us now that date. But we remember what the price went to our grandfathers, this great victory. Memorial Day - it was far away from you ...

Victory Day - May 9 - one of the major holidays of our country's most tragic, most beautiful and touching. Probably in every city around the eternal flame of the day are going to those who came to lay flowers and remember our defenders and heroes, a minute silence and once again say thanks to them ... Thank you for our peaceful life for our children and grandchildren for their happiness ! Thank You, bow, and eternal memory ...

unlikely to have a family that was not touched by war. Someone's grandfather fought, someone's father, son, husband. We are telling from generation to generation about their bright feat, revere the memory. Pass on his grandfather's medals and each of them tell their children. This is for your courage, that's it - for the courage ... This is our history, family history, the history of our country. We give the children on May 9 to eternal fire and tells the story of the Great Victory Day, a day of victory of our people over fascism.