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Congratulations to Songkran!


  Happy Songkran !     Friendly team of "My Thai Home" wishes all its friends and partners Happy Thai New Year (Songkran) !

  Let this colorful festival bring joy and happiness into your life!

  Tip: If you are in Thailand now, please remember to pack cell phones and cameras into water resistant bags when going out.

About Songkran

  New Year is celebrated in Thailand from 13 to 15 April, but in some cities and provinces of the date of celebration varies from 11 to 18 April. Initially, during the celebration of Songkran, it was decided to walk down the street with a cup of water and sprinkle a couple drops of passers-by. Now on this day the locals pour each other from water pistols, buckets, watering hoses and paint talc. Water symbolizes the essence of life, spreads widely and, according to popular belief, brings good luck and health. In these days of Thais visiting Buddhist temples, which takes place the solemn ablution of the Buddha statues and images of clean water with rose petals and jasmine. Lay people handing out alms monks. In every house nakryvaetya festive table.