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In Thailand, Honda utilizes publicly destroyed the element of car


December 27 at the factory automobile giant Honda in Thailand, began recycling vehicles damaged during the November floods. In November, floods affected 1055 cars brand, located in the parking lot near the plant in the province of Ayutthaya.

Destruction of 217 cars to undergo "Brio", 213 - "Jazz", 353 - "City", 150 - "Civic", 91 - "Accord", 30 - "CR-V" and others.

The whole process of destruction of cars will take about a month. Thus, the management of Honda debunked all the rumors about the possible emergence of "drowned" cars on the market in Thailand and neighboring countries in South-East Asia.

At the factory in Thailand produces Toyota Vios compact twin and Yaris, as well as their Indian analogue Etios.

The Thai government, concerned about the environment, supports auto manufacturers, providing them with significant tax benefitsfor the promotion of small fuel-efficient cars.

By 2015, the Thai government plans to increase total production of automobiles in the country to 2.4 million per year.

Now Thailand is 12th place in the world in car production in the year, surpassing Russia, England and Italy.