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Types of land records


  If the land is registered in Chanote (highest land register), then its owner can use the services of a private surveyor to divide his land into several other smaller area. This can be done after approval obtained from the Land Department.

  However, as with any other type of land records (Nor Sor 3, Nor Sor 3 Gor and below) to the actual division of land Land Department is obliged to make independently surveying the land. Such procedures may take from several months to a year.


  Measures of land measurement: 

1 Wah - 4 m2 

1 Ngan - 100 Wah 

1 Rai - 4 Ngan 

1 Rai - 1600 m2. 

2,5 Rai - 1 acre

6,25 Rai - 1 ha

  In Thailand, there are several types of land records.  Each of them is right (and in some cases, limitations) of the owner of the land.


  This is the upper register of the land, this land document includes a complete description of the land, namely: the exact size, indicating the border area, all numbered columns on the Limits of the earth (this inventory system involves the use of GPS - Global navigation and positioning & ndash ; national land grid), as well as the history of recorded transactions and the division of this land allotment. This is the only type of land document, which gives full ownership of the land. All the others give the right of ownership. Chanot equivalent land documents used in Europe. At Chanote Thailand's national emblem in red.

  Confirmed Certificate of Use(Nor Sor 3 Gor)

  Next Chanot look for land records, it is practically equivalent. He pointed out that the person named is entitled to possession of the plot, and that all requirements for the issuance of Chanot implemented and that the issuance Chanot at this site will be held as soon as the area falls in zone Chanot. In most cases, simply do apgreyd this document to Chanot. Chanot and Nor Sor 3 Gor - are two types of land records, which include the reported ownership of (tenure) of land, but they should be preferred for the prudent investor (or for an investor that has no experience apgreyda lower land records to Chanote or Nor Sor 3 Gor).

  Certificate of Use (Nor Sor 3)

  In many ways, similar to the certificate Nor Sor 3 Gor, however, were not fulfilled all the requirements for registration in Chanot and thus ownership in reality is not confirmed. During the 30 days prior to re-land, consisting in this case, in favor of a third party owners of neighboring parcels must be sent a notice of intent. In some cases, the certificate can be redesigned once in Chanot, bypassing the Nor Sor 3 Gor, though it provided only for certain areas, defined by the Land Department.

  Certificate of ownership (Sor Kor 1)

  This type of document enshrines a right to possess a specific plot of land. As it has not given any permission to use this land. There are several types of land records, but the above are the most common today.